Driven by a deep love for sassy individuals, big mountains, and long bike rides, Phoebe Carpenter Eells creates block print art inspired by everyday life, and travels with her two young boys and her husband. Her hip and gritty style is unapologetic and often fairly simple.

Toting a resume that reads more like a checklist for adult ADD, Phoebe’s has been an art school dropout, park ranger, cultural anthropology student, waitress, middle school math teacher and now a full time artist. She fell in love with printmaking after carving the invitation to her older son’s first birthday party. The surprise involved in printing a new design is what keeps her coming back for more. As well as printing apparel, which she began in December of 2011, she prints on sustainable paper, and reclaimed wood.

Each and every piece is designed, carved and printed entirely by hand in Phoebe’s home studio. The slow, hands on process of printing directly from a block creates small variations making each piece unique.

Outside of working in the studio, you can find Phoebe most often acting as her firefighter son’s dispatch operator or her daredevil son’s safety coach. She likes the chaos that comes with two boys and strongly believes that everyone should keep their hands to themselves. Phoebe embraces scrappy creativity, messy hair and wine.

If you are looking for a custom piece please contact elSage,  Phoebe loves working with customers to make their vision come true.

If you are looking for wholesale information please email or use the contact form above. Be sure to include the name, location and website of your store.


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